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In software development life cycle (SDLC) Software testing plays a vital role to test the quality, reliability and performance of the system along with other functions of software.  Since this is a very high quality technology system work, not all companies can take up this task and only a well-developed Software Testing Company is entitled to take up the process.

What is Software Testing?

Software Testing is a method to check the software product that it has all the requirements to function well and it is free from all the defects. The purpose of software testing is to identify errors, additional gaps or missing requirements.

Testing is an important aspect as the software errors sometimes prove expensive and even deteriorate the whole purpose of its work. Software errors can also cause monetary loss and there have been many instances in the past which is why now software testing comes as a top priority to make it fully functional and working.

Advantages of software testing

  • Testing is exclusively done by software testing services company at a cost effective method and it saves a lot of your money in the long term.  Apart from allowing quick corrections for its efficient working, it costs less to fix.
  • When it comes to the aspect of security, there are benefits for your software product. Buyers look for reliable and secured products and especially when it is tested, it removes the risks and problems.
  • With essential quality check and approval, software is ensured with quality so that it can be delivered to customers for assuring high performance and reliability.
  • As the main aim of the product is to offer best satisfaction to customers, UI/UX Testing brings best user experience.

Software Testing also means the Verification of Application Under Test (AUT) and some prefer to use the terms as White Box and Black Box Testing and it is for the purpose to test software and to signify its importance.

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Different types of software testing:

Manual Testing

Software Development Companies in Hyderabad perform manual testing that allows the software to be tested manually, which means without using any automated tool.

In this process of testing, the tester plays the role of a user and tests the software completely to identify the errors, performance and overall working of the software. In this process, there are various stages that software is put to test that include – integrating testing, unit testing, system testing and acceptance testing.

Automation Testing

Automation testing or Test Automation is conducted when the tester writes the script and uses another software to test the product and this involves automation of a manual process. Automation testing is taken up after performing manual testing and this is a re-re-run test. This is to ensure quality assurance in software testing.

This model of testing is beneficial in improving the accuracy, saving time, money and the test coverage is vast as compared to manual testing.

If we have to test and automate everything in a software, it may not be possible. There are some crucial areas of software which are – login form, registration form, or areas where large number of users are able to access software at the same time and these have to be automated.

Additionally, GUI, connections with databases, field validations are required to be tested by automating the manual process.

There are few factors to consider when Test Automation should be used and these are as follows:

  • Large and critical projects
  • Projects that require testing frequently in the same areas
  • When requirements are not changing frequently
  • Application load and performance when there are many virtual users
  • When there is a stable software for manual testing
  • When there is time for Test automation

Automation is carried out with the support of computer language like VB scripting and an automated software application. There are many tools available to write automation scripts.

Some of the popular software testing tools are used for automation testing are:

  • HP Quickest Professional
  • Selenium
  • IBM Rational Functional Tester
  • Silk Test
  • Test Complete
  • Testing Anywhere
  • Win Runner
  • LoadRunner
  • Visual Studio Test Professional


Prior to the use of tools, it is important to identify the process that can be used to automate the testing process and these are:

  • Identify the areas within a software for automation
  • Select appropriate tool for test automation
  • Write test scripts
  • Develop test suits
  • Execute scripts
  • Create result reports
  • Identify errors and performance issues

 Software Testing Services provide a major act and performance for its efficient running and usability. Further, it becomes a necessity to test every software product before put to its use for best results achieved by the end user.


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