Web Application Automated Testing Types and Tools

What is web app automated testing?  This is for automation tools to ensure that the web app is perfectly aligned with the design and development specifications. Further, this is also a user-friendly website to end-users.

Web application automated testing involves various types of software automation testing tools to check and evaluate the performance of a website.

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This brings benefits to site owners and administrators in conserving the resources and standardizing website testing parameters that deliver consistent results.

Hence, this model of automated web application UI testing is aimed to find the defects either in the functionality or in the design of the website.

Software testing company conducts a detailed and indpeth quality assurance in software testing prior to the using of different kinds of software automation testing tools that bring a lot of help in the evaluation of website performance.

The successful performance of this testing being useful in standardization, offers a lot of help in web application security testing and even in streamlining different site testing parameters for different configuration changes which occur during the website development phase.

Let’s find out about the types of web app automated testing.

Different kinds of web app automated testing done by Software Testing Company include 

  • web usability testing
  • Website compatibility testing
  • Web accessibility testing
  • Functionality testing
  • Performance testing
  • Security testing

Software Development Companies in Hyderabad follow this process of rigorous procedure of Software Testing Services to help evaluate whether there are many types of security lapses within the site.

As each type of testing does a specific and particular job, for example – web accessibility testing, should ensure that the website is compliant with different regulations, such as BITV 1.0, W2C’s, WCAG 1.0/WCAG 2.0 etc.,

Quality Assurance in Software Testing does a series of performance tests, to improve user experience which is for the benefit of website users.

Browsers that include – Safari, Firefox, Chrome, IE are extensively used by businesses to perform browser compatibility tests to evaluate their website application. 

Apart from this, it is also important to ensure that this model of testing has compatibility across various operating systems.

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 Interface testing is also useful in ensuring the web server is working properly and smoothly. This testing is useful in optimizing the websites to achieve improved user experience. Functional testing helps ensure that the app is working and functioning coherently.

Top benefits of web application automated testing are:

  • Test coverage rates are increased  
  • It ensures quick debugging and increases test coverage
  • As compared to manual testing, test execution is done effectively with great results as well
  • With increased testing speed, UI visual workflows indicate effective working
  • Test teams can execute tests rapidly through the implementation of web application automated testing. With this process, test feedback are received by the developers quickly, to enable the corrections immediately.
  • Early bug identifying, makes the process of testing much easier.

Important web API Testing tools

Tricentis Tosca is an effective testing platform for delivering faster and continuous feedback for today’s agile and DevOps processes. 

With an approach of no-code and script-less, it facilitates end-to-end test automation. 

This tool reduces the overall regression testing time and maximizes the options of re-use and maintainability. 

One of the best features is that it integrates to extend its existing test assets of HPUFT, Selenium, SoapUI etc.,


SoapUI is the most commonly used automated testing tool for SOAP and REST APIs. 

It is an open-source tool. Testers can automate both functional tests as well non-functional tests and can execute compliance, regression, security and load tests for Web APIs.

The best feature of this tool is that it supports all the standard protocols and technologies to test all kinds of APIs.

Some of its functions are – web service inspection, development, simulation, mocking, functional testing, along with supporting the load and compliance testing.


Selenium is another open-source tool and is publicly accessible as a test automation framework. It supports languages that include – Ruby, Perl, Java, Python, JavaScript, C# where scripts can be written and this tool converts them into selenium testing compatible codes.

The advantage of this tool is it supports all web browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera and Edge browsers.


Software Development Companies in Hyderabad rely on Quality Assurance in Software Testing for web application automated testing.  These Software Testing Services are essential services to quality approve and pass it for efficient working that it drives expected working and results.


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