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PHP and Java are two of the most popular programming languages. PHP is mostly used for website development but Java is an all-purpose programming language. Java has a lot of applications but it is mostly used for Android Application Development Service in India.

While it is relatively easy to develop a simple Android application with Java, building a real-time Android application is not that easy. You can hire a best web development company that specializes in PHP web services to build such an application.

What You Need To Create A Best Real-time Android  Application Development

The type of application you intend to build determines the technology you will use when building it. Are you thinking of creating an ecommerce application or a chat application? Java can be used to interact with the database while PHP may serve as a middleware to establish database connections.

What defines a real-time application is the ability of its components to make real-time updates. To achieve this, a client application is often needed to provide and maintain an active connection to the server. By maintaining an active connection, any data pushed to the client can be sent to the server in real-time. Most times, this is achieved with WebSockets but a lot of other methods could be used to achieve it.

Common Real-time Applications

Whether you intend to build a best web application or a mobile app development (Android or iOS), there are various examples of real-time applications available to you. Chatting applications are probably the most common real-time applications but other examples also abound. For instance, you can build videoconference applications,VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol), online gaming, instant messaging (IM), e-commerce transactions, and so on.

To create a mobile application, you should begin by first identifying what you need and then designing the application. You should also identify the approach to be used for the development process. Various approaches are available but the two most common include native and hybrid applications.

Once you have identified the approach, you can then develop a prototype for the application, integrate the necessary analytics tools, identify beta testers for the application and then release and deploy the application. These same processes apply whether you are building a real-time application or not.

Hiring a PHP Application Development Company

While you can build a real-time Android application yourself, it may be easier and faster to hire a PHP development company in Hyderabad. Since you need an Android application, you need to ensure that the PHP application development company can work with Java and PHP as well as some other technologies such as WebSockets.

PHP most applies to web development services but it may also be relevant to Android development. PHP web development services companies may be able to work with several PHP frameworks such as Laravel, CodeIgnitor, and even some front-end and Javascript frameworks.

Before hiring a PHP web development company in Hyderabad, it is necessary to go through their portfolio, reviews, recommendations and evaluate the services they offer. It is also important to consider the cost of their services. The cost of PHP web services may vary remarkably. For instance, the cost of real-time Android development may be different from the cost of developing a simple website. By comparing costs, you will be able to determine whether a web development company is right for you or not. In conclusion, building a real-time Android application with Java and PHP web services does not have to be difficult. You need to hire the right application development company that could develop the application with PHP and Java. You should also consider the cost involved and compare costs and services before choosing one.


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