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Who is a software tester?  A List of software testing companies in Hyderabad is a quality assurance engineer who has adequate technical skills in testing tools and evaluates the working process of a particular software.

Software Testing company recruits skilled QA engineers for the purpose of software testing. As you already know, softwares is written in a specific programming language and unless these are tested, one cannot approve its operation.

Software testing companies does an exclusive job to test vast volumes of softwares in order to make these functions well and that these are error-free in coding and running.

There are many Software development companies in Hyderabad as the city is most renowned for software technology companies and it is one of the biggest IT cities in India and has good recognition globally.

As the demand for software testing continues to grow both in Hyderabad and in India, it is most important to have effective service provision in quality assurance in software testing in all software testing companies.

Now let’s discuss the software testing engineer qualifications and skills that improves the chances of providing successful services.

1.Systems Development Life Cycle

SDLC or Systems Development Life Cycle is a phase to develop software with the best quality optimized design. This stage consists of planning, creating, testing and deployment of software product.

2. The Process of Testing

As Software testing companies emphasize on the process of software testing, software evaluation and identification of bugs has become quite necessary. Prior to the phase of launching the software, the software testing agency ensures to test it and check all the defects to fix.

There are generally two ways to conduct software testing – manual testing and automation testing. 

It depends on the project requirements, budget and the skills of the testing team.

List of software testing companies in Hyderabad provides you with the required skills for a QA engineer and you can start checking on these skills with your expertise prior to the submission of application.

While manual testing is a process where testers use the software similar to an end-user and identify the bugs.

Their responsibility is solely to execute all tests manually without using any automation tools.

Automation Testing will reduce the manual efforts and in this process of software testing, automation tools are used to enhance the efficiency.

Although the process of software testing is an easy job, the best advice you can get is that to pursue a software testing course and also find a mentor.

3. Testing tools and Technologies

Using different technologies and tools is one of the requirements of testing engineer as software testing companies would be working on testing software products rapidly and this is their main line of job.

Therefore having various domain knowledge, testing types like security testing, system testing and unit testing will make them versatile.

4. Documentation

Documentation and test planning are also essential skills to be able to find a job in software testing companies. 

A well documented test process can help both testers and software testing agency achieve their goals within the right budget and resources. 

5. Soft skills

Are you good at soft skills? The ability to be able to manage your works and manage your staff and colleagues efficiently as these are one of the most important areas to be able to deliver efficiency. 

  1. Communication

Effective communication is one of the important areas to be able to deliver works effectively for the purpose of quality assurance in software testing. 

To be able to converse well both at work and outside that is both internally and externally can achieve you good reputation and recognition. 

Some of the other technical skills required by software testing engineers are:

  1. Critical thinking
  1. Organization skills
  1. DevOps & Agile methodology
  1. Web & Mobile Technologies
  1. Rational analysis & Logical thinking
  1. Social Networking

A software testing agency requires these 12 technical skills to be able to hire you and draw your services. These being so important, acquiring expertise in these areas will keep you ahead and give you hold on applying these skills and achieve accomplishments at work.  


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Director – KBK Business Solutions

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