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Occupying nearly 63.5% of Internet use, Chrome is a popular browser having maximum global market across all device types. KBK is one of the Best digital marketing company in Hyderabad.

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How does Google Chrome work?

Chrome OS is a cloud-based operating system and it is lightweight. It cannot run complex programs which are not available in the cloud.

Working on Internet connection, Chrome is an open source software and comes as a free browser for users. 

What are Chrome extensions?


Extensions are tiny software programs that allow users to customize their browsing experience.

From the user’s perspective, it is a tool that quickly appears to allow you to perform a task. Such as – information aggregation,  use a tool, play games etc.,



There are 137,345 extensions available currently for the benefit of the users. Visit Chrome Web Store

Free extensions

Marketers who get busy working on various advertising, content and social media models, need a lot of site extensions that improve their efficiency and save time. 

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Some of the different categories of site extensions used by digital marketing agency services.

Social media

social media

The following are popular social media extensions:




Save to Facebook



App for Instagram

 Reddit Enhancement Suite

 HubSpot Social




Check My Links


Ahrefs SEO Toolbar


Keyword Surfer

Link Research SEO Toolbar


Serpstat Website SEO Checker

SEO Minion



The following are some of the popular extensions most popularly in use:

HubSpot Sales





 Add to Trello

 Extensions Manager

Toggl Track

Print Friendly & PDF

 Email Finder



You definitely want your system to be secured safely. The following extensions are the most popular in use.

 HTTPS Everywhere


J2TEAM Security



 Avast Online Security


 Fair AdBlocker

Speedtest by Ookla

Hola Free VPN

Content sourcing 

content souring

Content being an important and essential element of Google search engine, you need some of the popular content tools that save a lot of your time and speed up your working.

OneNote Web Clipper


Evernote Web Clipper

Giphy for Chrome


.Distill Web Monitor

 Nimbus Screenshot

. LibKey Nomad

 Video Downloader Professional

 Google Scholar Button



Blogging being the heart of every business, you need powerful Chrome Extensions to check content, research, create, proofread, edit and check grammar.

The following are some of the popular tools in use for blogging.


Google Dictionary

Office Editing for Docs, Sheets & Slides








    Best Chrome extensions for digital marketers 2021

You know how busy digital marketers are? They take care of multiple tasks in marketing that completely take care of your business.

From advertising to organic content marketing, they have a lot of work. In this process of working with content, data, tools, channels and much more, site extensions provide a lot of help.

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digital marketing companies in hyderabad access chrome extensions and some of the popular and highly beneficial site extensions are:

Tabby Cat

This makes your work quite rewarding as it entertains every time you open a new tab.

SEO Pro Extension


Digital marketing companies in Hyderabad have a lot of benefit from SEO Pro Extension is a newer extension. It takes a complete check and analyzes every component of SEO. For example, at every click, you can view important things like – title, description, canonicals and meta robots data.  It works very quickly and very effectively.

SEO Quake


Digital marketing agency in Hyderabad uses SEO Quake. This is created by SEMRush to help with SEO metrics and to conduct SEO audits on any webpage. 

You can review the basics like page titles, descriptions, header tags, keyword density and provide a complete diagnostics report.  This is a very important tool for the purposes of SEO and helps digital marketers to have accurate SEO reports. 

Keywords Everywhere


Best digital marketing company in Hyderabad uses keywords everywhere for the purpose of keyword search, volumes, cost per click competition, keyword trends and data for a website. 

You can make a note of popular keywords and their estimated traffic. 

Headline Studio


Digital marketing service provider in Hyderabad uses Headline Studio to analyze blog post headlines.  You will receive suggestions on how to change to make your headlines more impactful. 

The goal of this tool is to improve CTR and drive engagement. 

Digital marketing agency services uses Wordtune which is an AI-powered writing companion that recommends for better clarity, accuracy and impact in your writing. 

         Google Analytics Opt Out


This is a very important tool for digital marketers. Google analytics provides every bit of information and data about the audience and website. This being very critical to make sure that issues like low traffic, lack of conversions and other requirements can be easily corrected with Google Analytics.

Google Tag Assistant


                  To know whether your Google tags are working properly, it is important to use Tag assistant as it detects the present tags, errors, and suggestions you can make to improve implementation. Tags across Google analytics, adwords conversion tracking and Google tag manager are checked with Tag assistant.                                                                                                                                                             The benefits of Chrome

Chrome is very fast and offers reliable browsing. Not only loads faster on pc and mobile, but it displays most relevant search results as compared to other browsers. Not only the browsing experience is quite comfortable helping users to find what they are looking for, but the features of site extensions offer additional help such as in translation, technical check and other requirements.

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