How to Use a Website Re-Design to Improve Conversions and Sales

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The eCommerce business is a huge part of Internet technology. The Web Application Development continues to be a top requirement. Not only due to its cost-effective measures of website building but also due to its low-cost marketing costs, many small and medium businesses prefer to choose a website and digital marketing.

True this is a highly competitive market, but there are effective methods available to make your website completely digital-enabled with the help of technology.

We will discuss that in this blog post.

Top benefits of having a website

Top benefits of having a website

Would you like to build sales and earn high profits? You must choose a web application development company in Hyderabad for your website design.


Because a development company in Hyderabad can help you achieve sales and leads through various content strategies and digital marketing strategies.

Truly, your website is your online store to sell your products and services. Simply it represents the prospects of your business.

To make your website completely reliable and trustworthy, you are required to apply UI/UX for the benefit of your users and customers. 

This allows them to browse your website easily and find their needs.


Google’s formula for successful content  – E.A.T. (Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness)

It is very important to make your website and content completely trustworthy apart from having authority and expertise.

What else? What are other benefits?

Online marketing also termed as Internet marketing and digital marketing comes as a great gift for small businesses.

As the website is registered live on a server, your business is global. Anyone can purchase your products unlimitedly.

This is one of the extremely massive advantages that is exclusive to the Internet.

With the help of search engine optimization (SEO) your website is top-ranked in search engines with specific keywords that answer the query of searchers.

You know it already, that Google search engine is for users helpline and it answers hundreds and thousands of queries of users.

Thus, your website is made visible among the search results.

Minimum advertising cost

Remember, how much you used to spend for advertising in classifieds, newspaper, television ads etc., 

But now, with digital marketing at the paramount, you can set your ad budget and its works miraculously fetch good results.

For example – Google ads

For small businesses, with a website or no website, Google ads is a huge source for them to advertise at a low cost budget.

Choose social media advertising like – Instagram and Facebook. 

Not only does it reach your target audience quickly, but it generates sales and conversions.


Target audience, who are in need of your products, make a note of your ad and click on your website. 

They land on your website to make a purchase. 

The entire process of the buyer’s journey is designed as per the content strategy which is successful through online advertising.

That is – you need to add important keywords and content along with sitelink extension for the users to understand your products to be able to click on ads.

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Conversions are a huge thing for the success of your business.  Development company in Hyderabad has excellent expertise in establishing a conversion method. 

In recent times, it is noticed that online shopping has emerged as the most reliable for buyer’s journey.

Sometimes you may have to redesign your website to boost conversions.

UI/UX works effectively here. 

ui/ux design

That is to say, the UI/UX of your website must be user-friendly.

The average conversion rate of ecommerce websites is around 3 percent.  Organic traffic, SEO tasks, and advertising is easy. However, getting conversions is very tough and hard and sometimes despite spending a lot of money on advertising, conversions do not happen.

So, what would you do in such an instance?

Web application development, web redesign and implementing  or evaluating UI/UX becomes much more important.

Good design of UI/UX design

Top benefits of having a website

Experts say that good customer experience encourages satisfaction and it helps in conversions.

Cultivating user journey on your website that helps perfect interaction with the website that is not only delightful, effortless and catchy.

It is stated that – in just 50 milliseconds audience form an opinion about your website.

In research it was also found that 46.1% of people say that webdesign is the top need to decide whether your website is credible.

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Well-designed and well-crafted professional website highlights the importance of what you sell. 

design and resign services digital marketing

Nearly 40% of people stop engaging with your website, if your website is unattractive in design and not easily understandable in content and layout.

Therefore, redesign takes the power to lead the role, not just in adding images or color, but it must be focused on problem-solving.

Provide customers what they are looking for.

And make your website absolutely pleasing.

Web application development company is fully equipped with digital and software tools to redesign your website.

They spend a lot of time analyzing and examining the critical areas of your ecommerce website. 

Achieving business goals along with high conversions is the sole aim of web redesign.


Therefore, good planning is necessary in the redesigning process. 

Answer the following questions prior to the step of redesigning:

  • Have you been receiving complaints about user experience or do you see a high bounce rate?
  • Does your website have a design-related problem?
  • Is there anything  missing on your website that might impact buying decisions of your prospective customers?
  • Do you notice a decline in sales rate?
  • Is your website taking a lot of time to load?
  • Is your website optimized for multiple devices like tablet, mobile etc., 

If you answered yes to all these questions, you need website redesigning.

Seeking a professional help PHP web application development company is definitely important to ensure corrections in your website and also to improve conversions. It is much recommended to keep checking on the design of the website to ensure that it is achieving all the requirements of fast and consistent conversions regularly.  Further it is also important to ensure optimization of site search is properly executed. These include – search button color, auto-complete function, the semantic-based search feature and accuracy in search results. 

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